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We have been at the forefront of the renewable transition for over 30 years. This is our story.



Pacific Blue (formerly Pacific Hydro) is founded in Melbourne, Victoria.

Since our earliest beginnings, we have believed in action on climate change, only generating energy from renewable sources - wind, solar and hydro.

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Lake William Hovell Hydro Plant - Victoria


Small Victorian hydro plants are established.

The potential of the Lake Glenmaggie, Lake William Hovell and Eildon Pondage irrigation dams was clear to us from the start.

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The Ord Hydro Plant - WA


The Ord hydro plant commences operation.

This power plant achieves two key aims: it provides electricity to the Argyle Diamond Mine and the nearby towns of Kununurra and Wyndham – and does so in an environmentally friendly way.

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Codrington wind farm - VIC


The Codrington wind farm is established.

Located near Port Fairy in southwest Victoria, the Codrington site was close to perfect with strong prevailing winds blowing off the Southern Ocean.

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The Drop Hydro Plant - NSW


The Drop Hydro plant commences operation.

We recognised the powerful flows of water released for irrigation purposes from the Southern Hemisphere’s largest irrigation channel, the Mulwala Canal, as an untapped source of hydro-power.

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Challicum Hills Wind Farm - VIC


The Challicum Hills wind farm is completed and begins operation.

It was Australia’s largest wind farm when completed, in August 2003. The project comprises 35 NEG Micon NM64C wind turbine generators, rated at 1.5MW each.

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Yambuk wind farm - VIC


The Yambuk wind farm begins operation.

Located next to our Codrington wind farm, near Port Fairy, the site was chosen for its ideal wind conditions – its average annual wind speed of 30km/h is perfect for producing clean, non-polluting electricity.

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Cape Bridgewater Wind Farm - VIC


The Cape Bridgewater wind farm is established.

Completed in 2008, the 58MW Cape Bridgewater wind farm is comprised of 29 wind generators producing enough energy to meet the annual needs of 35,000 households.

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Cape Nelson South Wind Farm - VIC


The Cape Nelson South wind farm becomes operational.

Completed in 2009, the wind farm is capable of supplying 44MW of clean electricity to the national grid - the equivalent of supplying the annual electricity needs of 22,000 Victorian homes.

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Clements Gap wind farm - SA


Clements Gap wind farm begins operation.

With a capacity of 56.7 MW, the Clements Gap Wind Farm produces enough clean electricity to power the equivalent needs of around 33,000 homes each year.

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Our retail business commences, with the aim of providing affordable plans with first-class customer service.

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Cape Nelson North/Sir William Grant wind farm - VIC


Cape Nelson North/Sir William Grant wind farm commences operation.

The last stage of the Portland Wind Energy Project, PWEP IV, covering two sites – Cape Nelson North and Cape Sir William Grant – was completed in 2015.

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Taralga wind farm - NSW


SPIC acquires Pacific Blue and Taralga wind farm.

Since operation commenced, the Taralga wind farm has generated enough clean electricity to supply approximately 38,000 houses and abates approximately 240,000 tonnes of greenhouse gas emissions each year.

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Yaloak South wind farm - VIC


Yaloak South wind farm is established and begins operation.

Located an hour west of Melbourne approximately 15 kilometres south of Ballan, the Yaloak South Wind Farm commenced construction in late 2016 and construction was completed in June 2018.

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Crowlands wind farm - VIC


The Crowlands wind farm and Haughton solar farm commence operation.

As part of the operation of these projects, we continue to invest in local community initiatives via the Sustainable Communities Fund.

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Haughton Solar Farm - QLD


Synchronous condenser at Haughton solar farm established, and battery storage development approval received.

Once all stages are complete, Haughton Solar Farm is expected to have a generating capacity of up to 500MW, enough to power approximately 291,000 homes.

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