Our sustainability approach

Learn about Pacific Blue's approach to sustainability

Pacific Blue is committed to sustainability and this is embedded in the way we work. By working closely with our stakeholders, we actively seek to understand what is important to them and where our efforts are best directed.

 Our approach to sustainability is to integrate innovative environmental, social and governance business practices to deliver long-term value to our stakeholders, including our shareholders, customers, partners, communities, employees and the environment. 

Our sustainability framework is built around three pillars: environment, social and governance. These pillars provide the business with a clear focus and drive our sustainability practices.



We aim to provide a net benefit to our planet by producing renewable energy with minimal impact on biodiversity, natural resources and our climate.

Environmental Management Systems are implemented at our sites and we set environmental objectives in order to achieve net benefits. We understand that reducing the impacts of climate change begins with our own activities and we are working to reduce our own carbon footprint.

We regularly engage policy makers, local communities and the general public on renewable energy and broader climate change issues and advocate for climate change policies in our areas of interest.


Pacific Blue is dedicated to promoting a strong health and safety culture, looking after our employees, and developing mutual trust and respect with the local communities in which we operate.

Our aim is to develop an inclusive and diverse workplace that is underpinned by a strong health and safety culture across all our operations.

This means complying with all applicable occupational health and safety laws, our Health, Safety, Environment and Quality Policy and other internal standards and procedures, and providing ongoing health and safety training and initiatives that involve all employees throughout the organisation.

Our employees are given the opportunity to develop their careers through training, external studies and secondments. We promote an environment where our people feel valued and respected and where all employees are treated fairly and equally.


We are leading Australia to an affordable, clean energy future – because good planets are hard to find. We strive to deliver long-term value to our shareholders and business partners in a transparent, ethical and economically sustainable way.

Our activities help to create jobs in and around the communities in which we operate. Working collaboratively with our communities, we support local initiatives and projects through our community investment funds.
We aim to achieve operational excellence across our business, supported by our internal management systems, risk management framework, and supplier assessments.

As signatories to the United Nations Global Compact, we advocate for responsible business practices within our sphere of influence.