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The wait for cleaner, renewable energy is over. 


At Pacific Blue, we are impatient for change – we believe in action on clean energy, renewable generation and climate change right now. 

Pacific Blue is a 100% renewable energy generator. We only generate energy from renewable sources - wind, solar and hydro. 

While you can’t choose where the energy in your house comes from, you can choose who to support. When you sign up to an energy plan through our retail business, you’re creating demand that enables our generation business to invest in more renewable energy projects right here in Australia.

Pacific Blue aims to double our clean energy production within the next five years, and invite you to join us in driving clean energy change now.


Haughton Solar Farm - Queensland

How we are 100% clean, now.

At Pacific Blue, generating 100% clean energy isn’t something we plan to do in the future. It’s something we already do, today.

For over 30 years, we have generated 100% of our electricity from renewable sources - the sun, wind, and water - and have never invested in fossil fuel or coal-fired energy generation.

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Yaloak South Wind Farm - Victoria

Our clean energy journey

Established in 1992 and developing the first commercial wind farm in Victoria, we are renewable energy pioneers. Today, we own and operate solar, hydro, and wind generation assets across Australia. We have a pipeline of new developments underway to generate enough renewable energy to power half a million homes and empower over 230,000 customers.

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Our retail energy plans

Our retail business offers great value energy plans and a range of solar and battery solutions for everyday Australians who want to support the transition to clean energy.

Like all energy retailers in Australia, the energy we provide to our customers’ homes comes from the national electricity grid – a centralised grid of over 40,000kms of transmission and distribution lines and cables, not directly from Pacific Blue’s renewable generation sites.

The national electricity grid is made up of many different energy sources, in 2022 only 32% of Australia’s electricity was generated from renewable sources (1). By becoming a retail customer, the money you pay for your energy goes back to our generation business, who in turn, invests in only 100% renewable energy going back into the national electricity grid.

Our retail customers can rest easy knowing they are supporting our generation business and the continued generation of clean, renewable energy.

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Our commitment to action

There isn’t a moment to lose. We believe that action on renewable generation, clean energy, and climate change starts NOW. Pacific Blue is committed to tripling our clean energy production within five years and share the economic benefits of our renewable energy generation projects with local communities, including indigenous communities.

Our Community Benefits Sharing Program, an Australian first, has provided over $5 million to support communities where our renewable energy projects are located.

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Our vision for reconciliation

Pacific Blue's vision for reconciliation includes a unified Australia where Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander peoples have equal opportunities to participate in and benefit from social and economic opportunities.

This means providing inclusive employment and procurement opportunities, while strengthening relationships with Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander stakeholders.

We believe it's equally as important to raise awareness of the many diverse and vibrant Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander cultures, while promoting and celebrating Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander peoples' enduring connection to Country.

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Ownership structure 

Pacific Blue (formerly Pacific Hydro) was acquired by the State Power Investment Corporation (SPIC) through its subsidiary, State Power Investment Overseas of China (SPIC Overseas) in January 2016. SPIC is one of the five major power generation groups in China and the largest solar power generation enterprise in the world. SPIC ranked 293rd among the Fortune Global 500 in 2021, with its businesses covering 46 countries and regions, including wind power, hydropower, thermal power, hydrogen energy, energy storage, integrated smart energy and green-energy powered transportation. By the end of 2021, SPIC’s overseas installed power generation capacity totalled 6.88 GW, with a clean energy ratio up to 73.6%.

The world can't wait for clean energy.
When you sign up to one of our retail energy plans, you're supporting Pacific Blue's generation business, generating 100% renewable energy. Now.

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1. Energy supply - Australian Government, Department of Climate Change, Energy, the Environment and Water (energy.gov.au)