Cape Bridgewater wind farm

Cape Bridgewater Wind Farm - VIC

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Cape Bridgewater wind farm is the second stage of Pacific Blue's four-stage Portland Wind Energy Project (PWEP) in southwest Victoria.

Completed in 2008, the 58MW Cape Bridgewater wind farm is comprised of 29 wind generators producing enough energy to meet the annual needs of 35,000 households, with an average electricity generation of 194GWh per year. The turbines installed are Senvion MM82 wind turbine generators, rated at 2.05MW each, with a maximum hub height of 69m and a maximum blade tip height of 110m. 

Operations at Cape Bridgewater abate an estimated 195,000 tonnes of greenhouse gas emissions each year. 

During construction, the wind farm provided a significant boost to the local economy by creating many direct and indirect jobs for local contractors and also several permanent jobs once operations began.

Re-vegetation programs around the wind farm site are helping to promote native flora with over 74,500m2 of land already direct seeded with pasture grasses with 3,000m2 with native grasses, which in turn is helping to protect local biodiversity while improving the habitat for native fauna.