Hardship policy

Hardship policy


Having trouble paying your energy bills? If you need financial assistance, our Customer Assistance program and your State based scheme may help. Pacific Blue understands that your circumstances sometimes change and it can be challenging to pay your energy bill on time.

Through our Customer Assistance program, we are committed to providing residential customers facing temporary or long term financial hardship with the opportunity to establish sustainable payment arrangements to manage their residential energy bills.


What does hardship mean and how does our Customer Assistance program work?

Hardship is when you would like to pay your energy bill, but don’t have the means to do so. This might only be short term or it might be ongoing.

All residential customers of Pacific Blue are entitled to minimum forms of assistance to enable customers to avoid getting into debt. Tailored assistance is also available to customers who are in debt to help them manage their payments, and access advice and assistance to get back on track.

Here are some reasons for financial hardship:

  • Losing your employment;
  • Not being able to work due to illness or medical reasons; or
  • Unexpected expenses.

When unplanned events have an impact on your finances, keeping on top of everything can be a challenge. Our Customer Assistance program provides you with personal assistance to help you get back on track with your energy bills. You’ll also have access to a dedicated Customer Assistance team member trained to tailor a plan that suits your individual needs.

Our team can also assist with reviewing your energy use, conducting energy efficiency audits, proposing fair and reasonable payment options and discussing relevant government programs and other support services available to you.

For more information about how Pacific Blue can assist, call our team on 133 669 or read our Hardship Policy below.

Click here for additional information for Victorian customers about assistance under the Payment Difficulty Framework.


Pacific Blue's Hardship Policies:

If you need a copy sent to you, please contact Pacific Blue on 133 669