Carbon neutral

Neutralise your impact, now.


At Pacific Blue you can sign up to 100% carbon neutral plans, where all the energy supplied to your home is 100% carbon offset. At no additional cost to you, our carbon neutral energy plans ensure that you can neutralise your impact on the planet, starting now. 


What is carbon offsetting?

Sometimes the things we need in life, such as energy, cause carbon emissions to be released into the air. At Pacific Blue, we want to make things right. That is why we offset 100% of the energy provided to your home through carbon-reducing projects.

These valuable projects reduce or remove greenhouse gas emissions from being released into the atmosphere. We purchase offset certificates from these projects, so you can enjoy peace of mind knowing your carbon footprint has been fully neutralised.

Our approach

Our carbon neutral energy plans have 100% carbon offsets built in, and at no additional cost to you. This means you can choose the energy plan best suited to your home, and know that your energy is 100% neutralised, regardless of the amount of energy that you use.

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100% certified

Caring for the planet is a collective effort, which is why we've certified our carbon neutral plans with Climate Active - Australia's collective initiative for climate action. Our commitment to being certified guarantees that your energy is 100% carbon neutral.

Beyond carbon neutral

By signing up with Pacific Blue, not only are your home energy emissions taken care of, you’re also supporting the generation of 100% renewable energy. That means paving the way for more wind, solar and hydro projects to be developed across Australia, as we create a clean energy future, now.

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