Victorian hydro plants

Lake William Hovell Hydro Plant - VIC

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The potential of the Lake Glenmaggie, Lake William Hovell and Eildon Pondage irrigation dams was clear to Pacific Blue from the start.

Each fitted perfectly with our policy of using existing irrigation dams or run-of-water flows, rather than building new dams. And when a study of the potential impacts on the surrounding areas and the tourist appeal of the lakes returned encouraging results, our commitment to the environment and the community was also satisfied.

Construction began in 1993 after long-term water use; site and power sales agreements had been negotiated with the local water authority.

The hydro power plants at Lake Glenmaggie and Lake William Hovell are also special for another reason: they were the first two ever built by Pacific Blue. In 1994, the Eildon Pondage project was completed, and the trio have been responsibly producing clean electricity ever since.

Today, the three hydro power plants together have an installed capacity of 10.3MW.

All three power plants convert to clean power previously wasted energy from when water passes over the spillway or is released for irrigation purposes. Their combined output has abated more than 450,000 tonnes of greenhouse gas emissions into the atmosphere.

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