Taralga wind farm

Taralga Wind Farm - NSW

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The 106.8 MW wind farm is located within the Southern Tablelands of NSW in the Taralga township. The project comprises of 51 turbines, with a hub height of 80 m above ground level.

Since operation in 2015 the Project has generated enough clean electricity to supply approximately 38,000 houses and abates approximately 240,000 tonnes of greenhouse gas emissions each year.

Pacific Blue, through Eco Logical Australia, manage a biobank site to the south of the wind farm. Management actions include, but are not limited to, weed control, planting or seeding, retention of native vegetation, control of pests and management of fire for conservation.

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TV reception

The Taralga re-transmitter was commissioned in early November 2015 and is now operational.

Pacific Blue has acknowledged recent issues with the service and understands the importance of good access to television services – particularly in regional areas and during emergencies. While the causes of some outages have been beyond our control, we have worked to upgrade and improve our equipment to ensure it is more reliable. These works have been completed, and we continue to monitor the service to ensure it is performing correctly.

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