Clements gap battery

The project

Pacific Blue received development approval in May 2021 from the State Commission Assessment Panel of South Australia to construct a battery at the Clements Gap Wind Farm. Approval for an increase BESS size was granted November 2022.

The battery will store energy and help to provide better network security to the people of South Australia. It will be located on privately-owned land next to the wind farm substation.

The project will have an estimated investment of $120 million. Opened in February 2010, the Clements Gap Wind Farm was Pacific Blue's first project in South Australia. The approved battery project is expected to start construction in 2024 and will be Pacific Blue’s first battery.

Local benefits

Pacific Blue has a strong track record of delivering lasting benefits in the local area through the Clements Gap Wind Farm Sustainable Communities Fund, which has contributed over $660,000 to more than 100 projects since 2010.

Community engagement

Involving key stakeholders and communities in development activities from the beginning of a project is as important to Pacific Blue’s success as technical and financial factors.

Pacific Blue is committed to keeping the local community updated about the progress of the battery project. In particular, we will work closely with nearby neighbours to ensure that they are kept informed and that construction impacts are minimised.  

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