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About the Haughton Sustainable Communities Fund

Pacific Blue’s Haughton Sustainable Community Fund shares the benefits of the Haughton Solar Farm with the surrounding communities, providing long-lasting social, economic and environmental value that goes beyond the life of the solar farm.

Since the commissioning of Haughton Solar Farm in 2019, the Fund has provided more than $300,000 to 52 local sustainable projects. Eligible community groups are encouraged to apply for project funding up to $10,000 from a pool of $80,000. 

The Haughton Sustainable Community Fund is open to community groups and not-for-profit organisations that serve:

  • Ayr 
  • Brandon 
  • Clare 
  • Dalbeg 
  • Giru
  • Home Hill
  • Millaroo 

Organisations and projects do not necessarily need to be based in the fund area, but the proposed projects must operate in, and provide benefit to these communities to be eligible.

2024 Applications are now closed



  • The project will directly benefit at least one of the local communities in the relevant Fund Area (as defined in the guidelines).
  • Ensure that you read the Community Benefit Fund Program. Guidelines – Item 2 Eligibility for full details.

Who can apply

A not-for-profit organisation is an organisation that is not operating for the profit or gain (either direct or indirect) of its individual members, including:

  • Incorporated Associations  
  • Committees of Management  
  • Unincorporated (Voluntary) Associations with an ABN and a formal constitution  
  • Co-operatives (that are defined as not-for-profit in their charter or constitution)  
  • Companies Limited by Guarantee.  
  • NFP organisations that do not yet have an ABN are eligible, but additional paperwork may be required if their proposed project is successful. 

Ensure that you read the Community Benefit Fund Program Guidelines – Item 2.3 Eligibility organisations for full details. 

Selection criteria

Projects and initiatives considered for funding will be assessed against the selection criteria, including:

  • Align with the Community Benefit Fund Program aims 
  • Identify community needs 
  • Have a clear, realistic, and feasible plan
  •  Outline a budget, prices, and alternatives 
  • Outline a management plan  
  • Innovation 

Ensure that you read the Community Benefit Fund Program Guidelines – Item 3 Selection criteria for full details.


For more information about the Haughton solar farm, click here.


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