Fees and charges

Additional Charges

We don't do hidden fees – find out which additional charges may apply to you in the tables below.

Re-connection: When moving into a new house, a re-connection fee may apply when your distributor needs to reconnect the energy supply. This fee is set by your energy distributor and is subject to change.

Disconnection: A disconnection fee may apply when you move out of your home and the power needs to be disconnected by your distributor. This fee is set by your energy distributor and is subject to change.

Special meter read: When moving into a new property, a technician may need to take a read of your meter to ensure you are only charged for any new usage.

You can find your energy distributor on your energy bill or by visiting the Australian Energy Regulator Website.



All distributor charges listed are for services conducted during business hours and are inclusive of GST, for services that we may have to arrange on your behalf through your distributor. Fees subject to change.



Fees and charges effective 1 July 2023:

Distributor Fee Type Fee (GST Incl.)
Citipower Reconnection $44.85
Disconnection $45.52
Powercor Reconnection $66.44
Disconnection $70.61
United Reconnection $62.24
Disconnection $62.24
Jemena Reconnection $61.55
Disconnection $88.25
AusNet Services Reconnection $43.27
Disconnection $43.27

Other Fees

The charges listed below are current as of 19, April 2023.

Fee Fee Type Amount
Payment Dishonour Fee Cheque, Direct Debit, General $7.50 (GST not applicable)
MasterCard Card Payment Fee^ 0.60%
VISA Card Payment Fee^ 0.60%
Amex Card Payment Fee^ 0.75%
Paper Bill Fee* n/a $3.30 (Incl. GST)


*Paper Bill Fee exemption for customers with a concession card, receiving large print bills or the premise is registered as a life support connection.
^Credit or debit card fee not applicable to direct credit or debit payments.

Paper bill fees and card payment fees do not apply if you are on a standard retail contract or the Victorian Default Offer.